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S&P Top Picks

Our S&P Top Picks are pre-packaged portfolios comprised of specific, hand picked stocks that have been chosen by S&P research analysts.

These portfolios are easy-to-use and customizable, mirroring your specific needs and financial objectives.

Choose from a variety of top-rated portfolios:

  • S&P's Top Ten Portfolio
  • Comprised of stocks believed by S&P's Equity Research Group to be well poised for risk-adjusted total return prospects over the coming 12 months. Stocks must have a five-STARS ranking to be included in this dynamic model portfolio concept.

  • The S&P's PowerPicks Portfolio 2007
  • Represents the collective "best ideas" of S&P's U.S. equity research staff.

  • S&P's Platinum Portfolio
  • Combines the top ranked stocks from both the S&P's Stock Appreciation Ranking System(STARS) and S&P's proprietary Fair Value quantitative ranking system.

  • The Trader's Fair Value Portfolio
    • Designed for an active market investor
    • Restricted to stocks in S&P's Fair Value portfolio
    • Aims to improve on the remarkable performance of that Portfolio by reducing the number of the stocks that an investor must own, and by actively issuing "buy" and "sell" calls for each equity.

  • The Trader's Platinum Portfolio
    • Designed for the active market participant
    • Seeks to improve on the remarkable performance of the Platinum Portfolio by reducing the number of stocks that an investor must own, and by actively issuing "buy" and "sell" calls for each equity.
    • The Trader's platinum is restricted to stocks that are within the platinum portfolio that is limited to stocks that are both a 5 star and 5 fair value.
  • The Neural Fair Value 25 Model Portfolio ("NFV25")
  • Composed of 25 stocks from the Neural Fair Value Universe considered to have above average price appreciation potential over the next six months.

  • The Fair Value Portfolio
  • Composed of those stocks whose Fair Value ranks, combined with Earnings Surprise and Timing index classifications, imply above-market returns over the next six to twelve months.

  • The Five STARS (Stock Appreciation Ranking System) Portfolio
    • Geared to investors looking mainly or exclusively for superior market performance over a six-to-12-month period.
    • STARS evaluates the immediate investment potential of the stock it covers, with emphasis on the timing of investment decisions. It lists all issues that are ranked a "strong buy".
    • Total return is expected to outperform the total return of the S&P 500 Index by a wide margin over the coming 12 months, with shares rising in price on an absolute basis.

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