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Value investing: a proven strategy

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Value investing is a popular investing style that has endured for almost a century, as it’s a proven way to deliver superior returns. Value investors look for companies that appear underpriced based on their fundamentals (“value stocks”). The premise of the strategy is that investors are rewarded when the market realizes this underpricing, and the shares that were bought for “cheap” rise to their fair value.

The shape of things to come: harnessing the power of technical analysis

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Have you ever wondered how the pros determine the best time to enter and exit a security? One method they may use is called technical analysis. Unlike fundamental analysis—which assesses the prospects of individual companies by examining reported earnings, dividends, and similar fundamental measures—technical analysis looks for patterns and relationships in the price history of stocks. By examining past price movements, technical analysts believe it is possible to identify patterns that suggest the future direction of a stock’s price. These signals can help investors decide on entry and exit points for their trades.

Stay alert!

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How do you keep a watchful eye for the right kind of investing opportunities? The email alert function in Recognia Technical Insight™ provides a powerful capability for you to do just that.

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